Several events missed due to the epidemic situation will be replaced in Vásárhely

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 Ferenc Bessenyei Cultural Center 2

In Hódmezővásárhely, the staff of the Ferenc Bessenyei Cultural Center also organizes several programs missed due to the coronavirus emergency situation.

Anikó Varga will be held on the occasion of St. John's Day in the Country House, but stressed that they will later make up for the backlogs, paying special attention to the government's instructions, strictly adhering to the 500-person limit. He added that the main role will be played by outdoor events and camps during the summer.

“We will focus on which of the missed events – which we organized outdoors – we will hold. Thus, they cannot cross the limit of five hundred people. From this point of view, we are happy, and from another point of view, we really have to think very smartly to comply with the law in any case and stay under five hundred people, “said Anikó Varga.



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