Slit in the PC market in the second quarter

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The PC market may have had a strong second quarter this year, with IDC reporting that the desktop PC, notebook and workstation segment grew 11.2 percent year-over-year in Q2 2020, for a total of 72, It represents 3 million devices sold.

Although production line shutdowns due to the coronavirus epidemic and logistics tasks were not smooth at the beginning of the quarter, the situation improved significantly by the end of the period. In addition, the difficulties have been offset by the mandatory introduction of home offices at many companies worldwide and by school closures, which have enabled many companies and individuals to buy PCs so that work or studies can continue smoothly. Demand for PCs has also exceeded IDC analysts ’expectations, but it is questionable how long the increased interest will last and whether manufacturers can expect a downturn once the global crisis is over.


At the moment, the situation of the manufacturers is bright anyway, all members of the TOP 5 were able to record an increase in Q2 this year. At the top of the podium is HP with over 18 million assets sold, a spectacular 17.7 percent year-over-year growth for the company. The company was also able to gain market share from 23.6 to around 25 percent. Lenovo, the silver medalist, is not far behind either, with 17.4 million handsets sold, up 7.4 percent from a year earlier. At the same time, among others, this pace was not enough to increase or even maintain market share, falling from 24.9 percent to 24.1 percent for Lenovo.

Dell Technologies could move to third place on the podium, with the company’s 12 million units sold 3.5 percent higher than last year’s Q2 numbers – which also translates into a loss of market share, with otherwise healthy growth, the company’s share now rises from 17.9 , Melted to 6 percent

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The biggest increase during the period was produced by fourth-place Apple, with the Cupertino giant selling 5.6 million PCs – a rather brutal 36 percent gain from last year’s results. With this, the company’s market share climbed from 6.3 to 7.7 percent. In the next quarter, it will be interesting to see how the announcement of the ARM platform change will affect customer interest around Apple's house.

TOP 5 closes with Acer Group with 4.8 million devices sold, which is also a waist 12.7 percentage points higher than a year earlier. With this, the manufacturer is already carving out 6.7 percent of the market instead of 6.6. Other manufacturers in the other category sold a total of 14.3 million PCs in the second quarter of this year, 6.8 percent more than a year ago – however, the combined market share of the category continues to melt, up from 20.6 last year 19 , Down 8 percent.

THIS YEAR WAS STRONG WORLDWIDE which was also aided by the rapid replenishment of stocks. There is a similarly positive period beyond Canada, where despite the difficult global situation, it was the 16th quarter in which the segment grew – especially there was a lot of interest in Chromebooks from both individuals and corporate buyers. The EMEA region, which comprises Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has seen double-digit growth, according to IDC, mainly due to mass teleworking.

sales still exceeded expectations, mainly due to customers in the home office or late 7 to 10 upgrades. Declining sales were also seen in Latin America, with the region surpassing a 4 per cent year-on-year decline in Q2 this year – but notebooks were rushing here as well, with 10 per cent more products in the product category finding owners than a year ago. Last but not least, PC sales in the United States were also raging, with the region also producing double-digit growth with more than 21 million devices sold. According to IDC, this is the strongest quarter of the PC market in the U.S. since the end of 2009.


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