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Snapchat adds new “gadgets” to keep users on its social platform for as long and as actively as possible. The initiative, called Snap Minis, was announced by the company a month ago, but the sharp launch of apps has had to wait until now.

Gadgets written in HTML are available from the app's Chat section – the first round is about four pieces, these are Headspace, also known for its meditation application, is a collaborative gadget for learning called Flashcards, a Prediction Master for entertaining acquaintances and guessing future events, as well as Snap's in-house mini-app called Let's Do It.

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We make with Flutter and Kubernetes webinars
On July 21 and 23, the free CountingNews free! meetup series in ONLINE format.

Although the concept of in-app apps, also referred to as “super-apps,” may seem new in Western markets, as TechCrunch points out, similar gadgets are especially popular in Asian markets – Tencent-branded WeChat, for example, has more than a million mini-apps.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Snapchat wants to adapt to the needs of Asian users, as it may be one of its largest investors – however, it is not yet clear how much they will win. gadgets like the western part of the user base. The concept of mini-apps planted in chat is most reminiscent of Facebook chat bots in Western markets, but they have not been an undivided success. In any case, the potential benefits are given here, third-party developers can reach new audiences, and Snapchat can activate its users more effectively – it will be clear in the coming months whether this will be the case in practice.


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