So it almost became a disposable camcorder for Google

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Fifteen years ago, Google almost bought a disposable camera company, but eventually the company broke into the field of home video with something else.

Google, reveals former internal correspondence from the company, which was revealed during a congressional hearing in the middle of the week with the participation of executives of major American tech companies. If the deal came together, Flip Video would have been the first Google-branded hardware, well ahead of Pixel smartphones, Nest and Chromecast devices.

The interesting thing about Flip Video cameras is that its direct predecessor called Pure Video is actually it was a disposable camera that, when its memory was full, had to take the gadget to a specialty store where the videos recorded in the memory were written to DVD. In early 2006, Pure Video developers approached several reputable technology companies to find online partners to store their finished videos instead of or in addition to DVD burning. One of these was Google, YouTube even then independent of Google, and Yahoo.

Google eventually saw no imagination in the business, instead acquiring YouTube in October 2006, and how right the company was: YouTube has been one of Alphabet's flagships ever since, while Flip was acquired by Cisco, which was forced to reorganize the business permanently as a result of the smartphone boom in 2011.


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