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Pretoria, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) The African National Congress (ANC) today condemned the derogatory comments attributed to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, about the South African leader Nelson Mandela.

According to the political organization in In a statement to that effect, all freedom-loving people in the world are horrified by these insults that come from a person who, in himself, is not a competent leadership role model.

According to a book written by Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer, among several insults pronounced in 2013 with the use of foul language against the South African leader, the US president would have said that Mandela destroyed his country, and that he did not he was no leader.

In this regard, the ANC affirms in the text that Trump is the most divisive, misogynistic and disrespectful person who has ever held the position of president in the United States.

The icon of our struggle, the President Nelson Mandela, contrasts sharply with Trump, adds the document.

Mandela, recalls the ANC, was a unifying and principled leader, who reached out to the world and tried to bring peace and a just society.

He interacted also with leaders from across the political spectrum, and never abandoned his principles for short-term pragmatic goals, he adds.

President Mandela understood the value of international friendship between the countries of the world. The mark of a true leader is not how many enemies he creates, but how many friendships he cultivates, even when there are strong differences of opinion, emphasizes the ANC in the document.

Mandela, sums up the South African political organization, is an international icon, a revered freedom fighter and a great leader who will be remembered and celebrated for centuries to come.


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