Spectators can sit next to each other again in the Szeged Open-Air

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 Six own productions are included in the 2019 program of the Szeged Outdoor Games

Without physical distance, the audience can sit right next to each other in the auditoriums of the Szeged Outdoor Games stages. When the emergency ceases, ticket sales will resume as usual.

From now on, there is no need for ticket buyers to book their performances for the Szeged Outdoor Games in Újszeged. According to previous information from the Outdoor, not all seats could be sold due to staffing restrictions, but with the elimination of the emergency, the original planting order can be restored, and with it the real theater experience. “The loneliness and confinement of recent months has worn many of us. By being able to receive our viewers again according to the old order, we can make up for everything we have had to give up in the recent past. Social contact, side-by-side, will now be given again in a really special place, in the embrace of the grove trees, “said Tamás Herczeg, Director of the Games.

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As previously reported by the festival: not even in the Dome Square m they will reap without a performance from viewers this summer. In front of the cathedral, the audience can watch two free pieces, the morality game Anyone, and a symphony orchestra concert. Details of the performances announced for this playground will be announced soon.


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