Spun in the summer on mobilnet, roaming has declined

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The new coronavirus epidemic has radically changed mobile phone usage habits this summer, so that despite the first wave of the epidemic, mobile subscribers typically used their devices differently and elsewhere this summer than in previous years – Telenor Hungary's latest from his report. Although the two rivals, Vodafone Hungary and Magyar Telekom, did not disclose similar, comparable data, it can be assumed that the situation was similar for the other two operators.

Telenor's customers close during the summer months of the epidemic period (June to the end of August). They sent 10% more SMS and made more phone calls, and the length of conversations also increased by an order of magnitude of 10-15%. According to the service provider, the growth rate of mobile data traffic exceeded all previous periods, so the traffic on the service provider's mobile network increased by 35% in the affected period, reaching 59 million gigabytes.

Szelfizik the operative strain (photo: MTI)

According to the service provider, the obvious explanation for this may be that more people stayed at home or vacationed domestically due to the epidemic. This may also be indicated by the fact that examining August this year and last year, ie the most significant holiday month, it turned out that the data traffic in Budapest and its surroundings was much stronger this year than in 2019. Outside Pest County, mobilists traveled to very different parts of the country, presumably the majority visited their families or traveled to recharge in the countryside, according to the service provider.

Foreign tourism has declined significantly since the outbreak, reflecting foreign partners registered by service providers. roaming data traffic. By the summer, as a result of travel slackers, traffic had bounced back somewhat, but it is clear that only the more adventurous travelers ventured abroad. The seasonal data roaming champion in Croatia reached half of last summer’s traffic and dropped from third place on the roaming chart last year to sixth place, behind Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania and France.

In Hungary, visitors from the United Kingdom, Romania, Poland, Germany and Austria roamed the most last summer as well, and this summer, however, with mobile tourism lagging behind due to the COVID-19 epidemic, guests' mobile internet traffic also fell in the summer, Telenor reports. [19659008] window.fbAsyncInit = function () {
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