Stay home after two months! festival

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More than two months after its launch, the Stay at Home is over! Festival. As part of the non-profit initiative, the organizers offered hundreds of online events, including concerts, online parties, and children's programs to those who stayed home due to the epidemic, reaching more than 2 million people.

The organizers recall that the special series of events inspired by the measures taken in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, restrictions on leaving the home were launched by more than a hundred Hungarian festivals, clubs and cultural institutions on March 21.

The organizers of the festival, the social work staff of VOLT Production, and other social events without free social events, encouraging fans to follow the rules and stay at home, according to Friday's announcement.

In addition to virtual concerts, #maradjotthonchallenge hosted a celebrity each night. followers of the festival. The Stay Home! He also debuted several video clips and short films on his side. Among the events, the followers of the festival could also have conversations and literary programs of the Castle Garden Bazaar. On weekends, popular performers from Generali Kids Island brought programs for the little ones. As part of a charity campaign related to online parties, the contributors raised 5 million forints to help background workers in the music industry.

“Stay Home! After releasing the restrictions due to the epidemic, the festival staff decided it was time to say goodbye to the audience and encourage the spectators to slowly return from the virtual space to the world of real performances, concerts and festivals in compliance with safety regulations, ”writes nonprit.

The closing day of the festival will be held on Saturday, May 23rd. Programs include a Generali Kids Island performance, a farewell to Fashion Placc featuring talented designers, a live and DJ set by Andro and Lotfi Begi, and a 7-hour Mountain Air Online Festival with the Bagossy Brothers Company and their friends.


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