Stay in intensive care! This is how they report the health of Lalo Mora

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Lalo Mora Jr, son of musician Lalo Mora updated information on his father's state of health on social networks and mentioned that he is now more stable.

It was through his Instagram account that he explained that they received the results of Mora's X-rays and they show that he is improving.

Good morning my dear people, today we have already been informed that the results of the X-rays Dad's are improving, we are going well blessed God, I hope to continue counting on your support and your prayers as until today ???? Thank you a thousand! !! “, he wrote through his Instagram account.

Since August 16, the” King of a Thousand Crowns “has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

last August 22 Lalo Mora Jr shared a video in which he denied the rumors about the health of the “King of a Thousand Crowns”, whom he said he is thanking for the prayers and support received.

“I want to clarify for you, false information is circulating on social networks. I want to tell you that my father's health is stable, blessed be God and he is very happy with all of you for your prayers for his health, for the good vibes that everyone is sending him.

“A thousand and one million thanks from part of my father and part of me, for all of you all the public of Mr. Lalo Mora and part of Lalo Mora Jr. and all the public of the Herederos de Nuevo León concluded

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