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Guatemala, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) From journalism and music, but above all as indigenous people, Guatemalans Xandra Xinico Batz and Sara Curruchic today recall centuries of struggle against exclusion and propose ways to dignify women. [19659002] Xinico affirms that its strength has been fundamental for the original cultures to continue alive until today, despite the continued genocide, a first conclusion that it shares on this International Day of Indigenous Women.

His words come in a new installment of his column in the evening La Hora, entitled Ixoqi '(Women), a space where he denounces racist and colonial Guatemala.

It is women, he argues, who are mainly strive to maintain and inherit native languages, the creation and use of clothing, midwifery, medicine and other elements that make up their worldview.

We fight from different territories against racism, extractivism, patriarchy and impoverishment , a struggle that has not stopped in the last 500 years because the reality has not changed for the original peoples of Guatemala and the world, he acknowledges.

For Xinico, being an indigenous woman here implies fighting all your life, because 'from that we are conceived our existence is marked by inequality and exclusion, placing us on the lowest scale of society, with double, triple or quadruple contempt for our lives for being Indians, women, poor and / or rural. ”

He explains that since the colonial invasion, their stories have been marked by sexual violence and enslavement. 'They want us to be quiet, obedient and submissive; that we bow our heads and that we smile all the time while they violate, discriminate or kill us ', he points out.

For her part, the singer Sara Curruchich launched today as a special gift to indigenous women, a musical list with' songs of force , history, struggle, identity and sound ', an artistic initiative for which he brought together performers from various countries around the world based on names that his followers sent him on Facebook.

Make indigenous women artists visible and create a network to promoting her rights encouraged this young woman, who was born in San Juan Comalapa, a Kaqchikel community in the central Guatemalan highlands with a long tradition of art, but also of resistance.

She is the first Guatemalan indigenous singer-songwriter to carry her songs in Kaqchikel and Spanish internationally with his debut album 'Somos', which he is currently promoting in Europe.


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