Strong controversy! Kim Kardashian causes criticism in networks for launching girdles for pregnant women

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EU .- Kim Kardashian has again got into controversy after presenting her new line of girdles for pregnant women of her brand SKIMS .

After the businesswoman got into trouble with her Kimono line, due to the fact that Japan dismissed her as disrespecting their culture, now she received hundreds of criticisms for her new girdles .

And it is that the famous socialite unveiled her collection of girdles for pregnant women and recent moms, which will be launched this Wednesday.

Products will include nursing bras, girdles compression tights and short jumpsuit suspenders, everyone will be able to adapt to different skin tones.

However, users did not wait and began to question the daughter of Kris Jenner for her project that, according to Internet users, seeks idealize that “a pregnant woman should look stylized.”

Kim quickly clarified the situation and stated that her girdles do not seek to make the future mother look slim, but rather help support of certain parts of the body.

“If you have not been pregnant, you may not know how hard it is to bear all that weight, as it happened to me and millions of strong women,” he posted through his social networks.

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