Tania Ruiz Eichelmann surprises to live a paranormal event

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Mexico .- Tania Ruiz caused great controversy in social networks after revealing a paranormal phenomenon that happened at home while she was doing a ritual. [19659002] The beautiful girlfriend of Enrique Peña Nieto shared with her more than 420 thousand followers the session called “Hosting angels and archangels in your house”, in which she placed white flowers of various types, candles of the same color, incense and a green apple to welcome them.

The model potosina did not imagine that her offering would experience an event considered paranormal, since both the apple and the green leaves on the flower stems began to move for no apparent reason.

Faced with this scenario, Ruiz immediately took his cell phone and recorded the moment. Visibly moved, and on the verge of shedding some tears, Tania began to say: “see how you move. See, see “.

Later, the partner of the former Mexican president took his camera in selfie mode to capture the surprising moment.

I have always had great faith all my life. Can not stop crying. Thanks God. Thank you, angels and archangels, and thank you, life. ”,.

However, not everyone has received these images in the best way, because while some indicate that these are not things of God but of demons, others have made fun of them, because they consider that everything is an invention of the model.

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