Telenor is testing its new brand

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Telenor Hungary will have a new brand name next spring at the latest, but we know that none of the previous speculations are proven, so the majority owner O2, currently borrowed from the Spanish Telefónica market, will not be used by the majority owner. Czech PPF investor group, and it is certain that the Pannon brand will not return to the Hungarian market either. According to Bulgarian reports, the owner is currently conducting focus group market research on the new, unified brand in several countries, and one of the potential entrants is “Laa.”

In the summer of 2018, PPF acquired the Hungarian, Bulgarian, Montenegrin and Serbian subsidiaries of the service provider from the Norwegian Telenor Group, making it the richest Czech investor group owned by Petr Kellner in six Eastern European countries. with telecommunications interests (PPF acquired Czech O2 from Telefonica in 2013 and the Czech subsidiary also owns the Slovak mobile operator O2). In such a transaction, the parties usually state how long the brand names used and registered by the original owner can be used by the new owner – in the case of the Telenor – PPF contract, the parties have indicated this for 33 months, ie Telenor Hungary (as well as Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia). PPF interests) will have to return the brand name next spring at the latest.

It has long been rumored that PPF will introduce O2, a well-established brand in the Czech and Slovak markets that is significantly more valuable than Telenor. in new markets as well, however, we know that this plan was eventually rejected by the Kellners. Instead, the group is working on the introduction of another unified brand, although it is not yet clear whether the O2 brand will be retained in parallel in the Czech and Slovak markets, which PPF can use in these countries until 2022, with an additional 5-year option extension. [19659002] A Laa. In the consumer surveys conducted under the brand name, the respondents could also see certain image elements, such as the logo, which is not very marked but different from Telenore's, but the color of the letters would remain essentially unchanged.

also prepared. Thus, the PPF registered “laa.” In all countries concerned, including Hungary. domains (in Hungary in the second half of March). However, according to the publicly available public data, no trademark protection has been requested for the ensemble, which suggests that the decision has not been set in stone.

In connection with the renaming, we contacted Telenor Hungary, where they did not want to comment on press releases. As soon as we receive a response from here, we will update our article.


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