Televisa actress sends moving message about the death of Xavier Ortiz

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Mexico .- Azela Robinson expressed her feelings after the death of Xavier Ortiz, whom she did not know personally, but made her reflect on the artistic environment and the situation that exists with the pandemic.

tears come to me when I think of everything he suffered, culminating in something that I have sometimes come to consider. The medium of the show is one of the cruelest that exists. The terrible thing is the constant scrutiny and rejection that actors and artists suffer “the actress published on her Instagram profile.

It pains me to think that this kind man crying in his loneliness and desolation, feeling a failure before making his last decision, because every time a partner takes his or her life, a little more of us actors die “said Azela with pain.

The actress spoke of the economic and labor situation of the actors, especially at this time: “The vast majority of us live from day to day, working today to pay off the debts of months ago, finish a project and start another one, to end up realizing that you leave most of of your life in a forum. Sometimes you end up tired and depressed and feel like you can't take it anymore. ”

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