The 17th Hacktivity IT Security Festival is coming online this year!

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Due to the epidemic situation, the largest cyber security conference in the region will be followed on an online stream from October 8-10, 2020 with a lot of lectures, discussions and more breath-taking workshops

Due to the epidemic situation, the event will move to cyberspace in 2020 – the basic structure will remain, but the event will also take advantage of the virtual medium. Those interested in exchanging tickets can enter the official chat room of the conference in addition to the online stream, where they can also talk to each other and the speakers.

At this year's HACKTIVITY, 44 internationally renowned speakers from 20 countries will discuss current IT security topics such as facial recognition systems hacking, 5G network security challenge modern phishing techniques, security risks of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency smart contracts, vulnerabilities in wireless alarm systems and smart homes, but there will also be talk about whether it’s worth buying a cheap Chinese smartphone and helping the People’s Republic of China collect personal information. In addition to presentations, workshops await visitors with insights into, among other things, the basics of web security, game hacking, and the security of Android apps.

More than 1 million HUF tickets are offered to talented students and lecturers of Hungarian higher education institutions. Tickets are available through the HACKADEMY partner program, in which the organizers make a total of 50 tickets available to partners. The HACKADEMY partner program can be joined by any Hungarian higher education institution that has IT-oriented training. You can apply at Buy tickets and learn more about # HACKTIVITY2020 on the event website.


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