The band Fool Moon acappella was the first in the world to make time travel

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The band Fool Moon acappella was the first in the world to travel time. Kajagoogoo singer’s song Endless Story in a new video.

Was a new video for the vocal ensemble Fool Moon made in 1988 or 2020? Each viewer gets a little confused while watching the clip. The band claims that an old video, still made on a VHS tape in 1988, was released. This statement could be accepted by the viewer, however, an important question may arise in many: if it was made in 1988, how could one of their singers be featured in the video? After all, he was born later…

“In the last quarantine period – like many in the world – I also started to put things in order in the attic, among the old things. That’s when I came across my relics from the ’80s: a pioneer whistle, a beach neck purse, a cassette tape recorder, a cassette with a hand-drawn Ghostbusters cover, and this mysterious VHS cassette, among others. I borrowed a tape recorder that first crumpled the tape, but a friend of ours more or less managed to extract the recording from it. There are still some flaws left in it. “Miklós Németh, head of Fool Moon.

Instead of Márti

The acappella ensemble is preparing to put together a full film music show. This will feature the Neverending Story. Based on the idea of ​​Gábor Molnár, the audiovisual knower of all things Fool Moon, the effects of Snapchat were used to make children look like video, in which all sorts of old video effects were cut into them. The film was intended to be screened at this year's Fool Moon Acappella Festival in Szeged, but due to the epidemiological situation, the festival was delayed.

“We were preparing for one of the best springs of our career, unfortunately had someone. There were those who had tried to get through so far from the reserves, there were those who immediately took on manual work. We also reorganized and postponed our 15th Fool Moon Acappella Festival until October, but of course we didn’t want to leave fans without Fool Moon until then. Unfortunately, we couldn't solve the online concert in such a way that our audience gets the usual quality from us, but a humorous content and a lot of vocal-video contributions fit into our time, “said Miklós Németh.

The band will try to make up for it in the future. missed concerts, countless domestic and foreign concerts will be given. They hope to hold their Acappella Festival in Szeged with foreign star performers in October this year, but the choir is still working on the material for the next album.


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