The band from Vásárhely also performed at the first online festival in the country

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This year, the Halasi Wine Farm was held for the 14th time in Kiskunhalas. One of the “performers” of the wine festival was the Orchestra Orchestra in Vásárhely. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, an unusual and unique festival was held.

 The Vásárhelyi band also performed at the country's first online festival

As the performers, winemakers, and the audience could not meet in person, the organizers decided to use the online they move the party into space. Various professional and entertaining recordings were uploaded to the event's Facebook page from Friday afternoon to Sunday.

At the first online wine festival in the country (and perhaps the world ?!), the band Véglat from Vásárhely also “performed”. The band recorded a 5-track quarantine concert, which was also seen on Saturday by the “Audience” of the Borudvar.

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