The chamber’s career orientation camps will end this week

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Will the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Future? Cool! Career Orientation Camps. In the last three weeks, the economic self-government has organized programs for upper elementary school students in three settlements in groups of fifteen. The aim of the camps is to expand the children's career knowledge, to help them choose a career and to find the way to the most accurate self-knowledge.

On excursions, workshop and factory visits, craft classes, the children got acquainted with the world of professions, further learning opportunities, their own interests and abilities. The series of events began on June 22 in Nagymágocs, where children gained insight into the professions of the construction and trade sectors. They also visited Kontaset's plant in Szentes, where they could take part in an interactive interesting plant visit. They got a taste of the further learning opportunities offered by the agricultural sector, saw sky-high peppers, tractors, and also had a very interesting sporty afternoon where a healthy lifestyle and, for example, their own weight training were discussed. The camp in Szeged was aimed at young IT professionals: in the mornings the school was visited, and in the afternoons the children learned to program in a playful way, but more serious programming tasks also emerged.

where we looked behind the scenes of a car repair shop, and got acquainted with the operation of a hotel, the peculiarities of the professions found there. In Szeged, together with baking pancakes, they could taste the catering industry, get acquainted with the professions close to nature, and even take a look at the activities of the Wild West, but they also visited the Fisherman's Tavern in Fehértó, where they could see behind the scenes. And only those who paid attention to everything during the week could get out of the maze of the star trail, as the good direction was shown by the good answers related to the events of the week. Based on the feedback from the children and their companions, the programs of the camp were colorful, useful and playful enough, full of fun and new knowledge.

 The career orientation camps of the chamber end this week 1

The Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized for children participating in camps organized by the Albert Agora of St. George. At these programs, companies related to the weekly theme of the chamber’s camps were introduced to the superiors. Visits widen the horizons of superiors in the world of professions every Tuesday from the end of June to the end of July.

 The Chamber's career orientation camps end this week 3


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