The end! This Televisa program could end. What will happen to its drivers?

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The program “ Hoy” was placed in the eye of the hurricane after one of its star conductors spoke about the possibility of abandoning the transmission and another tested positive COVID-19 .

Galilea Montijo who after 13 years could leave the San Ángel television program due to the change of producer that occurs in 2020.

The tapatia indicated that possibly Magda Rodríguez leave the production of the morning, so the new manager would decide the new presenters of the morning.

The other case is that of Andrea Legarreta because the driver tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago; the star presenter had to be admitted to a hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia .

After several days, the 50-year-old driver was taken home where she finally overcame the deadly virus that emerged in China.

Who are left without work?

Now, the red lights were on in the forums of the television station of San Ángel since the journalist Angélica Palacios, who has worked for the television station said that the famous morning would be spending its last days on the air.

“The program‘ Hoy ’, the longest-running program to date on open television, broadcast by the Las Estrellas channel, is very likely to come to an end. The program will end ”, he detailed.

According to the entertainment journalist, the end of “Today” would come to refresh the image, so that all the drivers would be changed for new ones.

“The 'Today' program has to be renewed, it has to change. Refresh a new concept with new content and drivers ”he explained.

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