The Facebook Workplace has reached five million subscribers

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In recent months, the user base of various collaboration applications has been gaining momentum, be it Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Slack, which splits its security fiasco – but this is no different for Facebook Workplace, which the community giant has reached five million. paying user number. The service reached three million subscribers last October, but telecommuting due to the coronavirus epidemic has visibly accelerated base growth.

The company is celebrating the milestone with new features, starting with the announcement of the Workplace Rooms videomeeting service. The latter is an enterprise version of the recently launched Messenger Rooms, complete with a few extra security solutions. Like the consumer version, Workplace Rooms supports up to 50 participants at a time, who can log in from a desktop PC, smartphone, or even Facebook Portal smart displays. All you need is a workpace account for the meeting initiator, others can join it with a link to the call – and rooms can be locked by administrators on demand, preventing future, potentially unauthorized access. Thus, the company is already sharply opposed to the rivals listed above and is also trying to carve out its own slice from the corporate video conferencing segment.

allows you to create workgroup user groups on the social site. Although not part of Workplace, the company aims to give Facebook users a taste of how the service can be used in the workplace – this would help the company recruit potential future Workplace customers.

Docler is looking for a hundred new developers, with a salary of up to 2.5 million (x)

            Docler Holding is looking for the best Hungarian developers in the IT sector with outstanding salaries – not only in domestic offices.

Docler seeks 100 new developers with up to 2.5 million salary (x)
        Docler Holding is looking for the best Hungarian developers in the IT sector with outstanding salaries – not only in domestic offices.

A Facebook Live Producer solution will also be available for Workplace, providing live broadcasts with a host of extra features to make them look more professional, such as live questionnaires, display of various graphics, or automatic captioning and translation. The latter is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

In addition, the start of Oculus for Business is worth noting: the latter is a release of the company's VR headsets and platform specifically for large enterprise customers, mainly for training tasks and VR intended for collaboration projects – the company says the platform already has more than four hundred external software vendors.b


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