The famous character ‘No ni merg @ $’ reappears on YouTube

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Mexico .- Pedro, better known as “no, ni mergas” became famous on YouTube due to a video that went viral on social networks in 2007.

In the images Pedro appears a little past drinking and walks down the street to go get more beer .

It took only thirteen years for this famous character could explain what happened that night.

Immortal phrases phrases like “No, no mergas” or “don't be yelling at me the fucking mother ”, they served so that Pedro will stay in our minds.

It was thanks to youtuber Yulay, who took on the task of looking for him in every corner of Torreón, Coahuila.

“ Hello, good evening, I am 'Pedrito ni mergas', to serve you, you bastard ” this viral character appeared.

Pedro remembered what he was doing that day when that went viral. “Buying clandestine loggerheads, they just wouldn't let me with alcohol. The sons of the chingada crossed me and it was worth mothers “assures Pedro.

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