The glasses were gone! Virlán García is arrested in San Luis Río Colorado

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Mexico .- Virlán García was arrested in SLRC for having gone with a few more drinks, but he could not resist unreal accusations, therefore, he decided to give his version of events.

On his Instagram account the famous 23-year-old singer shared a video where he spoke about what happened so as not to allow his image to continue to be stained with things that are not true.

At dawn on Friday I was stopped for speeding. I went out to the street for dinner, we took a beer and got in the car, when we came back I was carrying a considerable speed, more or less strong “he pointed out.

On the other hand, Virlán assures that he was at all times At the moment he was friendly and it was the officers who had a very rude, arrogant and even haughty attitude, using the abuse of authority to avoid giving him the fine and at the time of grabbing him he assures that they did it grotesquely, causing him to become aggressive and explode.

An officer tells me that if I brought a 'parakeet' and I was too offended, I told him to check me for lack of respect, I let them do everything and they detained me for almost 3 hours. The only prohibited substances that were in my vehicle were 2 beers that my cousin and I had been drinking, in case of drugs I do not leave there and they send me to Mexicali “commented the singer.

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