The GVH was again fined for unmarked opinion leader advertisements

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In another case, the Hungarian Competition Authority imposed a penalty for unmarked paid content published on the Internet by opinion leaders

. , with which Influenza promoted the products of a watch and jewelry trading company, NEXT-TIME Kft., for months. Although the opinion leader received a reward for appearing, consumers could not recognize this from the posts. In doing so, the advertiser and the flu violated the Unfair Commercial Practices Act, which requires that the commercial relationship between them be brought to the attention of consumers in a clear, comprehensible and perceptible manner.

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On July 21 and 23, the free CountingNews free! meetup series in ONLINE format.

The GVH imposed a competition supervision fine of HUF 2.2 million on Renáta Berki's company, B&B Media Group Kft., And HUF 1.2 million on NEXT-TIME Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. In imposing the fine, the authority took into account, as an attenuating circumstance, the fact that the opinion leader had adapted his practice to the law during the procedure and subsequently inserted the sign # advertising in all the posts in question.

The Hungarian competition authority first raised its voice in 2016 in connection with paid content published on opinion leaders' internet communication channels. At that time, Tibor Kasza and Magyar Telekom escaped without imposing a fine, as both companies made a voluntary commitment and corrected the violation, but since then Regina Dukai and Réka Rubint have received minor penalties for similar violations.


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