The largest light music flashmob in Central Europe arrives in Cluj

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The largest light music flashmob in Central Europe arrives in Treasure City, jointly organized by CityRocks in Szeged and the School Foundation in Cluj-Napoca. Hundreds of professional and amateur musicians from the Carpathian Basin will play the biggest hits of the genre on September 5 (rainy day: September 6) in the main square of the Transylvanian city.

Cityrocks joined. The giant band of hundreds of amateur and professional musicians has previously worked on world-class hits such as Queen, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, or AC / DC.

The initiative aims to bring live music, including

CityRocks Produkció first appeared in Szeged in 2018, with 400 Hungarian and Hungarian musicians. a foreign musician participated. A year later, 500 people registered, so the city of Kecskemét could get a taste of what hundreds of guitars, drums and other instruments sound like. Videos of the concerts have already been seen by more than 100 million people worldwide, thanks to collaborations with several content providers.

“The popularity of the initiative is due, among other things, to the fact that children can also try what it feels like to play in a band, ”said Ferenc Gajda. CityRocks chief organizer said the two-hour big concert in Cluj-Napoca will feature hits from Billy Idol, Black Sabbath, AC / DC, Depeche Mode, Queen and Bryan Adams, among others.

“They are almost competing today. Hungarian and foreign cities. There would have been a big concert in Hungary this year as well, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus epidemic, the event in Dunaújváros in July had to be canceled, in the absence of a later free date, we had to postpone it until next year. More than 600 musicians have already indicated their intention to participate, “said Ferenc Gajda.

” We started the application just a few days ago, but already a lot of people have indicated that they are coming. We believe that after a long period of epidemics, it is important to have community events that bring together people, creators living in the Carpathian Basin, belonging to any nationality. Therefore, in addition to Hungarian musicians, the musical lightning strike also provides space for musicians from the Carpathian Basin and any corner of Central Europe, “said Levente Nagy Zoltán.

According to the President of the Cluj School Foundation, this is a good opportunity to Hungarians and other nationalities living in the Carpathian Basin should work together to create a lasting thing in a musical genre that has defined the life and youth of generations.

“We would like Cluj-Napoca's main square to be the site of such a production, which promoting not only a musical movement, but also the Hungarian main square of Cluj-Napoca. As the first half of 2020 is a very difficult year for all of us, we want people to remember this year anyway. The lightning bankruptcy will, of course, be carried out in compliance with all safety measures, “added the president of the foundation.

participation is subject to registration and pre-selection. The September big concert is free for everyone.


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