The latest beta of Android 11 is available

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The last beta of Android 11 has arrived: the latest beta labeled release of the latest Android in the tube ran with some delay due to the coronavirus epidemic. According to Google, the system is considered stable with the second beta, and the apps, SDKs, GDR APIs are already working the same as they will in the final version – so users will notice too many changes in the new release.

Of course, this does not mean that there will be nothing new in Beta 3: apps built on the new system to curb the spread of the
coronavirus epidemic on the contact-based Exposure Notification System can use Bluetooth-based scanning in nearby locations without having to turn on location sharing. to search for users ’devices. Until now, like all other applications, the contact tracking feature required a separate permission request to obtain such data, but from now on the solution will be granted an exceptional status.

Google justifies its decision by saying that contact tracking To maximize its effectiveness, it must be active on as many devices as possible – the company seeks to reassure privacy-conscious users that the Exposure Notification System cannot use data collected via Bluetooth to locate the device or its owner.

Android 11 Beta 3 will no longer make any more dramatic changes, the latest release will be available for Google Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4, and Google promises to add the newly announced Pixel 4a to the list shortly. We can expect a stable start sometime in the first half of September, starting with the usual schedule with Google Pixel phones, after which other manufacturers will start (hopefully not very comotically) getting the system to their devices.


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