The performances of the Szeged Outdoor Games in Dóm Square will be missed

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The performances of the Szeged Outdoor Games for this year's Dóm Square will be missed, the festival's director announced on Friday.

Tamás Herczeg said at an online press conference that since the festival was relaunched in 1959, there have been no examples of fanfare. in the Duomo square. However, the pandemic “swept away” the performances of the Szeged Outdoor Games this year in Dóm Square. Tickets can be exchanged for free tickets, which can be used by the audience in the next season of this year's productions, or redeemed online at the festival's ticket sales partner, said the theater specialist.

Tamás Herczeg is confident that the festival will be held in the smaller playground of 1,500. suitable The lectures can be held on the Újszeged Outdoor Stage. Under the current rules, almost four hundred can see the productions at the same time, but this number could increase.

The director put it this way, there are moments when transmitting culture is not a fiscal issue. It is important for viewers to have a cultural experience in community form, as well as for artists to be able to take the stage again. According to the plans, Händel's opera Agrippina, a citizen of Úrhatnám Moliere, and the fairytale ballet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be presented.

The Szeged Symphony Orchestra will be arranged to hold a gift concert at the Duomo Square later this year.

Next year, performances announced for this year will be held in Dóm Square. The season kicks off with the rock opera Jesus Christ the Superstar, The Shakepeare series of the festival continues with a lot of fuss, the stage version of one of the most popular comedies in the film world, the Nun show, returns, followed by Bernstein's West Side Story8. ] Photo: Archive


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