The PlayStation 5 has finally shown itself

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After a long wait, the PlayStation 5 was finally unveiled in all its splendor: Sony had unveiled the iron working in the device and its DualSense controller before, but until now it was a mystery exactly how the next generation gaming console would show under TVs. In the past, most rumors were specifically about unorthodox, triangular-cut designs – thankfully they haven’t been proven, the PS5 has a clean, TV-mounted and recessed enclosure, plus two versions, with and without an optical drive2 [psr] 19659003] Like the DualSense controller unveiled in early April, the PS5 features strong contrasts: the black case in the middle is “sandwiched” by a slightly curved white cover on both sides. In terms of design, as in the case of the Xbox Series X last December, there was now no mockery: while most people saw a refrigerator in the square lines of the rival console, the PS5 is likened to a wireless router or just a futuristic skyscraper.

It has discrete ventilation grilles on the front, a USB-A and a UBS-C connector, and on the traditional PS5 you can also access the optical drive slot from here – the latter makes the side of the device bulge a bit here, giving it an asymmetrical look. In contrast, the PS5 Digital Edition, which comes without an optical drive, is completely symmetrical and significantly slimmer than the traditional edition. By definition, games can only be installed on this model from an online source – it is not yet known whether the company will shed the price of the console by shaving the optical drive. With the advent of the Digital Edition model, it is clear that Sony is increasingly winking at the abandonment of physical media with its console, but at the same time, it was presumably too early for this generation to let go of their hands completely. Both variants can be set up or laid down, and Sony also comes with a special stand for the console.

Sony has already reported on the hardware in the enclosure in March, with eight, 3.5 gigahertz Zen 2-core AMD chip was added, and the 36 CU clock in the GPU was 2.23 gigahertz – the graphics unit's performance peaked at 10.28 TFLOPS, and 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory was added to the device. Support for hardware raytracing was added to all of this. The console has an 825 gigabyte SSD, and the storage space can be further expanded with an M.2 SSD, at least if the selected model is capable of 5.5 GB / s like the PS5's internal storage.


The PS5 comes with a number of accessories, including the well-known DualSense controller, an HD camera, Pulse 3D headphones and a remote control for media control – all in the already familiar black-and-white contrast design. In addition, the company also flashed a charging dock for the controllers, in the latter two controllers can be charged at the same time. The expected release date and price of the console and its accessories have still not been announced by Sony, in any case we can expect a good chance in the last quarter of this year


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