The Porridge Forest awaits you with a smart phone orienteering game

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Thanks to a winning tender, information boards, a new tourist route, an information website and a smart telephone orienteering game were developed in Vásárhely. In this way, they try to make the Kása forest even more attractive among the places.

In 2017, the Municipality of Hódmezővásárhely won a tender, in the framework of which several community-forming programs were organized. As part of this, a survey was carried out, the highlight of which was how the people of Vásárhely would like to “use” the Porridge Forest.

The survey revealed that the people of Vásárhely would like to develop hiking trails in the forest. That’s why we decided to designate a new 3.6-kilometer route. The trail marked with a green sign gives another opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves in nature “said Anikó Varga, head of the Ferenc Bessenyei Cultural Center.

In addition to the new route, 6 information boards were placed, on the one hand.

they offer an exciting pastime for nature lovers. The president of the Ádám Petrócki Hód-Mentor Sports Association explained that the red and blue signs had been painted before, and now the hikers can follow the green signs. Regarding the phone app, he said MapRun is practically an orienteering game. Various checkpoints are located in the forest, and the application helps to find them.

We really hope that this will play a recreational opportunity for the people of Vásárhely ,” concluded Ádám Petrócki.

 Porridge Forest 3

is a smart phone-oriented orienteering game.


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