The public beta of Android 11 has arrived

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Google announced in May that it would release its public beta of Android 11 with a one-month delay from its original schedule after the company had to adjust to a new work schedule due to the coronavirus epidemic – but the release promised for June 3 was finally another week. slipped due to active anti-police violence protests in many U.S. cities.


Google begins the list of what's new by tuning in to messaging apps, which are already dedicated to different platforms in the notification bar. conversations can be tracked in one place. In addition, individual chats can be marked as important, in which case the system will highlight their notifications separately, on the always-on displays and in Do Not Disturb mode.



With Android 11, the company makes it easier to control a variety of smart devices and smart home accessories, too. it is arranged in a menu that can be called up by pressing and holding the power button, be it the controllers of the smart thermostats or the virtual switches of the smartphones. In the new system, they can be accessed without opening separate apps – but the company is moving other functions to the new quick menu, also acting as a kind of wallet interface from which various payment solutions and, in some cases, boarding passes for travel can be easily accessed. [19659008] a11b02 “/>

Media control is also being transformed, with a dedicated button on the player bar in the notification bar, whether it's a connected wireless headset or nearby smart speakers, and switching between them becomes smoother.

SINGLE 19659003] The new release also strengthens the privacy side, starting with the introduction of one-time application permissions that allow apps to grant only the requested accesses for a given session. In addition, the system automatically revokes previously granted permissions for applications that the user has not used for a long time, which can then be reassigned the next time the app is opened.


The public beta of Android 11 is now available in the second generation and more Pixel smartphones, and the list of supported devices is expected to expand further in the coming weeks.


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