The sailing season on Lake Balaton has begun

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This year's sailing season began with a wreath-laying on Lake Balaton and a solid celebration in Balatonfüred on Saturday morning.

Lajos Kollár, President of the Hungarian Sailing Association (MVSZ), emphasized the task is to help Olympians and gliders keep them in shape or get back in shape for next summer, Tokyo, while preserving the quotas they have already earned. He added that there are even “faint hopes” for further quota acquisitions. István Bóka, the mayor of Balatonfüred, called the event symbolic. The mayor put it this way: the sailing dismantling ceremony said that “we live, we are here and we are waiting for the Lake Balaton season.”

The mayor confirmed that the Blue Ribbon could also be held at Lake Balaton at the end of July, adding that they look with optimism and hope. before the season. Károly Kontrát, the Member of Parliament of the region, called Lake Balaton a national treasure, emphasizing that Balatonfüred and the settlements of the Balaton Uplands were also prepared for the season.

The traditional sailing dismantling ceremony has been held on Lake Balaton since 1935, only in wartime. This year, the national flag was hoisted from the deck of the renovated Tramontana instead of the lake’s oldest ship, the Kishamis, and then the crew symbolically wreathed Lake Balaton.


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