The spirit of Cell haunts the Sony PS5

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Significantly fewer PS5 consoles are expected to be shipped from Sony this business year than originally planned.

Sony expects to ship significantly fewer than just 15 million PS5 consoles this year, compared to the 15 million originally planned, Sony says, citing insider sources, Bloomberg said. The main cause of the problem may be the extremely poor output rate of the AMD system chip made for Sony. By comparison, 4.2 million copies of the previous-generation PS4, released in December 2013, were sold in six weeks, up from 7 million in March 2014, at the end of Sony's business quarter.

This is not the first a time when poor yields of processors, the soul of console machines, hampered the initial momentum of console sales at Sony. It is memorable that the yield rate of the Cell processor designed and manufactured by IBM, which is the soul of the PS3, was so poor that one core of the eight-core unit had to be disabled by the manufacturer to improve yield.

the case could once again overshadow the birth of the Japanese console maker’s nextgen series after the smooth launch of the PS4. Like PS5's rival Xbox Serirs X, it will be based on AMD's eight Zen 2-core processors.


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