The Szeged Symphony Orchestra is preparing for the Open Air with a Beethoven evening

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Ludwig van Beethoven pays tribute to the joint Gift Concert of the Szeged Outdoor and Symphony Orchestra this year. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous composer, the audience can enjoy not only hit pieces, but also special, less frequently performed compositions under the stars of Dóm Square, conducted by Sándor Gyüdi.

It has been a tradition for 18 years now that the symphony orchestra concert should not be missing from the outdoor color palette. This year, the August 15 Gift Concert will focus on the works of the German master Beethoven, performed by the Szeged Symphony Orchestra. The overture will be the work “The Creatures of Prometheus”, then the series of experiences will continue with Beethoven's violin concerto, the soloist of which is István Kosztándi. In the second half of the evening, a piece written for real free space – the apotheosis of nature – was written by Master VI. His symphony in F major, “Pastorale”, will be performed under the direction of Sándor Gyüdi.

You can enjoy the pleasures of classical music in a 4,000-seat grandstand, with a 1,500-seat planted auditorium set up on the cobblestones in accordance with current restrictions.

Some of the free tickets for the 2020 Gift Concert are available from the Szeged Symphony Orchestra and the Outdoor Ticket Office. In REÖK, tickets can be picked up in person from 1 July – subject to availability – with an address card from Szeged. Holders of symphony passes have the opportunity to make a written reservation in a message sent to the band's Facebook page or in an e-mail sent to the addresses on their website. To boost urban tourism, the festival offered the other half of the tickets to the most important hotels in Szeged. Admission will be distributed by the Novotel Szeged, the Art Hotel Szeged, the Hunguest Hotel Forrás Szeged, and the Matrix and City Hotel among its hotel guests.


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