The telecoms service provider praised the communications commissioner

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On Thursday, the Office of the Media and Communications Commissioner, acting independently within the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH), praised the measures taken by Hungarian telecommunications operators during the emergency, including the provision of fair and prudent data packages, . However, the epidemic situation has also led to a large 20% increase in the number of complaints on an annual basis, according to the commissioner's report.


Although service providers It is clear from the communication issued by the Commissioner that, in many cases, various payment facilities have been provided to subscribers in difficulty, avoiding the general public. For example, some providers did not restrict services in March due to fee arrears, and did not even send a payment reminder or request, while others complied with requests for installments and breaks without investigation.

customers who lost their jobs, were given a temporary break in debt collection, or waived service restrictions due to arrears. In May, the payment deadline and the duration of the restriction were extended by 15 days, and in the event of termination, the deadline for returning the assets was extended, making life easier for their clients affected by epidemics and quarantine.


it has become particularly prejudicial to those concerned, precisely in the light of the situation which has arisen. Thus, many people complained about the lack of internet service, which is essential for work and study at home, the quality of the existing service, or even the delay related to relocation.

also extend electronic administration. According to the report, there were also subscribers who, for fear of the epidemic, did not allow technicians to perform troubleshooting or installation into their homes. According to the commissioner, however, experience shows that service providers have tried to resolve any complaints that are reassuring to the customer in some way.


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