The US is extending sanctions against Huaweire

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The United States will extend sanctions on companies that pose a threat to national security, so Huawei will remain on the ban list until May 2021, Reuters reported. U.S. President Donald Trump in a decision last May banned U.S. companies from using Huawei-manufactured telecommunications devices, saying they pose a national security risk. Although the U.S. does not name specific companies in the current extension, it is bad news for both Huawei and ZTE. and assets. Many rural areas in the United States rely on Huawei's assets, forcing the government to make concessions in at least these areas so that services used by local customers can continue to operate.

A In connection with the extension of sanctions, the company's representation in Hungary said that the company's position on the ban has not changed, it does not have a significant impact on global business, it mainly affects American citizens.

With the decision, the US government continues to exclude Huawei's newer smartphones from Google's smartphone ecosystem, making them subject to an extended ban. will also come without Google Play services and the Play Store, instead relying on the company’s steam-powered alternative HMS suite of services and App Gallery app store. By the way, HMS now has 400 million active users globally, and 1.3 million developers have joined the platform worldwide.


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