The world’s largest department store chain and Microsoft would jointly bring TikTok

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TikTok's U.S. applicants have been added to the list of applicants that seem surprising at first hearing – on Thursday, Walmart, America's largest department store chain in the world, announced a joint bid with Microsoft for its U.S. video sharing service in Australia, Australia and Canada. Following the dictatorship of the U.S. government in early August, TikTok’s only chance of survival in one of its key markets is for Chinese owner ByteDance to unbundle local subsidiaries. With Walmart's boarding, this possibility has now been significantly confirmed.

TikTok has a registered user base of approximately one billion globally, of which approximately one hundred million are located in the United States. Accordingly, the company handles a huge amount of personal information – a U.S. president sees this as a threat.

According to reports, Microsoft was already considering acquiring the social media app in the United States before taking specific U.S. action. rivals of tech giants like Facebook or Snap. To get the takeover, at least for the deal, Trump first gave 45 days and then extended the deadline by another 45 days.
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In addition to Microsoft, Twitter and Oracle have been brought to the fore among potential buyers of the service, but through Walmart, which has joined Microsoft, it is hardly a question of TikTok subsidiaries valued at between $ 25 billion and $ 30 billion by the software company and retail chain alliance. will acquire. Incidentally, the two companies have been in close partnership for two years as part of a five-year program to promote various cloud services and MI solutions through commercial channels.

For Walmart, it is obviously available because of its advertising and e-commerce capabilities. to invest in TikTok, which according to the commercial chain offers a number of benefits to both content producers and users in the affected markets.


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