There will be a mess! Alex Fernández Jr., is engaged to this cute girl

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Mexico .- Alex Fernández, has committed to marriage with his girlfriend Alexia Hernández, who has been his girlfriend for almost 10 years.

It was always thought that the eldest son of 'El Potrillo' would be the He got married first, but Camila came forward a few weeks ago, who married Francisco Barba in Guadalajara.

In a recent interview with Mara Castañeda, Alex said he was very much in love with Alexia, who claims to support him in his artistic career: “From the beginning I told her: 'Hey, I'm going to dedicate myself to singing, it's most likely, do you agree? Don't you have any problem?' And she said: 'No, as long as it's you I dream I will always support you. '”

The date set by the couple for the wedding is not known, but one of the expectations is the charro suit that Alex will wear for his wedding, since it is believed that he will use the same one that his father Alejandro Fernández used when he married his mother América Guinart in 1992. [19659005] It may interest you: They give him the last goodbye! Chadwick Boseman is buried in South Carolina


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