They are getting ready! They will launch the live action series of ‘Powerpuff Girls’

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Mexico .- Sugar, flowers and many colors! The Powerpuff Girls would arrive in a series with a live action thanks to The CW, this is how he announced it a source.

The new project would present Bombón, Burbuja y Acorn in their 20s, disillusioned at having lost their childhood to fight crime.

The series live action is written by Heather Regnier ( Sleepy Hollow) and Diablo Cody (Juno); Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden will serve as executive producers.

The original Powerpuff Girls were created by Craig McCracken. In that series, Professor Utonio accidentally created the super team made up of Bombón, Burbuja y Acorn at elementary school age combining sugar, flowers and many colors… and substance X.

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