They ask for clarification! Xavier Ortiz did not leave a will or posthumous letter

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Mexico .- The late Xavier Ortiz did not leave a will or posthumous letter, as has been confirmed by his brother Rafael, who has proposed to fully clarify everything surrounding the death of the former Garibaldi.

Rafael Ortiz has revealed to the media that he and his entire family are focused on discovering the reasons his brother had for taking his own life, even investigating if someone else had to do with his death.

Rafael also confirms that Xavier was not He left neither a signed will nor a posthumous letter expressing his last will. He also assured that little by little things will come out, details of his brother's life, how was his relationship with his ex-partner Carissa de León, who prevented him from seeing his 8-year-old son, something that Xavier had very depressed.

Rafael and his family are very saddened by Xavier's sudden death, but together they are coping with this grief, and what they most want is that his brother is resting in peace.

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