They call an OV7 member a misogynist and stalker

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Mexico .- Ari Borovoy made a comment to his partner Érika Zaba that the women did not particularly like, as it was labeled misogynistic and offensive.

The members of the group were talking about the video who had recorded the song 'I love you so much, so much', and Ari commented: “If Érika had dressed like that when we recorded the video, she would have had another child” .

What was said by Ari raised the controversial, as he was highly criticized, especially by women, who called him a misogynist and even asked him to publicly apologize, however, so far Ari has not commented on the matter, after these recent statements.

As will be recalled , Ari has been involved in controversy recently, after having kept money from the tour presentations that the group has done.

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