They launch petition on Change to ban Netflix movie; considers her for pedophiles

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Mexico.- Through a change that began to circulate a couple of hours ago, users request that a Netflix movie be canceled.

This movie by The name “ Cuties “, has been to the displeasure of the public since it incites hypersexualization to minors and pederasty.

Through the change statement they explain the following:

The new Netflix movie that will be released on September 9, which in English is titled “Cuties” and in Spanish, “Guapis”: it is about a group of 11-YEAR-OLD girls, dressed as showgirls and dancing like exotic dancers for the pleasure of adults. Note the very description that Netflix provides in the image: “Amy is eleven and wants to belong to a group of girls her age who dance sensually, so she begins to exploit femininity and challenge her religious family” says the text .

This is nothing more than a culture of pedophilia and this content incites child hypersexualization and exposes the same girls in the film it is read.

On the other hand, this statement has a total 86, 928 signature at the requests of different people, who have also joined this movement so that the release of said film does not take place on the platform of Netflix .

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