This member of Ventaneando may not be in the program, what will be the reason?

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Mexico .- Pedro Sola who together with Paty Chapoy has lived practically the entire history of the evening broadcast of TV Azteca . [19659002] The journalist has spent 24 years making an unforgettable duo with Paty Chapoy and now she will be lost, because Sola will not be in the program.

The journalist Alex Kaffie commented that Pedro Sola will not be part of the Ventaneando team because he will be going on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Pedrito's absence will occur after the return of Paty Chapoy, who also had the opportunity to take a break at this time.

However, Sola will return in a couple of weeks to be part of “Ventaneando”, a program where she appears as the headline along with Paty Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno and Mónica Castañeda .

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