This will interest you! If you cook with cubed chicken, you should know what it contains

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Mexico .- The cubes of consommé of chicken are used almost daily in the kitchens of the different cities of the country and also of the world, as it is a component that gives a great flavor to most of the foods and highlights the flavor of some of its ingredients .

Recently through a study published by Consumer Magazine revealed the specific content of these cubes and if they comply with what is indicated on their labels.

The result was surprising, since the investigation carried out on 24 brands of chicken consommé both in powder and in cubes indicated that 100 percent of them do not comply with the regulations such as NOM-002-SCFI-2011.

But … What does it contain?

The study carried out by the Consumer Magazine, indicates that the main ingredient is salt, but also chicken powder that is made from dehydrated meat.

They also contain monosodium glutamate, which is found mainly in processed foods and its UMAMI component helps bring out the flavors of food.

Sugar is another of its ingredients that is mixed with vegetable fats, yellow dyes, artificial flavors, cornstarch, thickeners and binders.

On the other hand, experts have recommended that due to its high content of salt, and other ingredients, its consumption should not be daily and should be avoided in most preparations.

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