To enjoy! Celebrate this Independence Day with these typical Mexican games

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Mexico .- This September 15 will be very different from other years due to the health contingency that affects the country, which is why it is not advisable to go out to public spaces or squares where a concentration of people can be held, or even family gatherings with many guests.

In order not to miss the fun and festivity of this day, we recommend that you remember the festivities through games traditional Mexican take into account that table games are one of the most effective and positive entertainments because anyone, of any age.

Mexican Lottery

This is probably the most Mexican game that exists , as it has characters such as the devil, the brave, the drunk, the rooster, the chalupa, among other iconic characters of the national culture. This typical game consists of a series of cards of different images, which you will have to fill on a board until all the squares are completed to win.

Snakes and ladders

Although there are people who consider it a canteen game, and At a certain point they are right because it was in these places where it became popular. This is a very fun game to share with the family and although it is considered a classic Mexican game, its origin comes from India.

The objective of the game is to go up the board with the help of a pair of dice, if you land on a square with a straight, you go up; if you touch a square with a snake, you go down, it's that simple, the first player to reach the start wins the game.

El Basta

This is a very simple game to practice, since you only need to have a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen to play with. This activity will not only have fun, but it will test your tenacity and vocabulary.

It is a game for skilled people; You need to make lines with various topics such as name, animal, fruit, which will be filled in according to the alphabet. The person who fills in all the parts and reaches the maximum number of points wins.

Chinese checkers

This game consists of a star-shaped board with holes, each end of the star is for one player and whoever arrives first wins , with all the balls, to the contrary extreme.

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