Trump is proud that China is threatening Britain with retaliation

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The extent to which the British role of China's Huawei Technologies is an economic policy issue is a good indication that even the US president spoke about yesterday's decision to use the Chinese company's 5G mobile network devices.

Just hours after the British cabinet announced a declaration war has begun that exalted, on the one hand, the unusually violent attack on Boris Johnson’s government’s decision to completely sweep China’s Huawei Technologies ’mobile network devices from the ranks of British mobile operators by 2027. The significance of the case is well illustrated by the fact that US President Donald Trump also spoke on the issue, recording yesterday's British decision as a personal success.

We have succeeded in persuading many countries, many of me, not to use Huawei's tools because we believe they are unsafe.

the president said in a press conference on Tuesday just before announcing the United States would withdraw Hong Kong's special status because of the provisions of the new Chinese National Security Act.

British health minister Matt Hancock said on behalf of the cabinet.

Well, we all know Trump, don't we?

Hancock declared with noble simplicity, denying that the British decision was made through the president's personal intervention, as he said, at the National Cyber ​​Security Center alone.

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Whoever is behind the decision, this time apparently managed to get Chinese diplomacy out of the wind, which reacted unusually violently in several statements.

Thus, China's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming, predicted the British decision would hardly have any consequences this time:

Many Chinese companies are closely monitoring their treatment of the Huawei sign.

he put it even more harshly:

The United Kingdom has presented completely unfounded potential dangers as a loophole for cooperating with the United States, in violation of its earlier commitments. Every decision and move comes at a price.

stands for a statement by Hua Chongjing, the Foreign Affairs spokesman for the People's Republic of China, without further details.

Although yesterday's decision by the British government hardly knocks Huawei, According to experts, for some EU member states the British serve as a kind of guideline, while for others the Chinese manufacturer may feel concreted in Europe until the German government takes similar restrictive measures – however, analysts see relatively little chance of this due to a completely different political climate.


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