Twitter – CountingNews adds voice tweets

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Voice-based tweets add to its service Twitter, though only on iOS for now. The company has already begun releasing the new feature in several stages, which is expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.

icon to start recording a voice message. Voice-based tweets can be up to 140 seconds long (back to the original 140-character maximum length of Twitter posts), but when you run out of time, you don't have to cut what you have to say, you can continue recording.

The new types of posts will appear on users' timelines in a similar way to the already known formats, where they can be played with a flick. It starts in a new window that snaps to the bottom of the app, so you can continue scrolling the stream while listening to the tweet – but you can even continue playing in the background while switching to another app.

Twitter currently limits the length of text tweets to 280 characters pull, the newly introduced voice messages, however, will allow much longer train of thought in a tweet. The company has not yet talked about when voice-based posts will arrive on the web or on Android, but it is likely that the feature will not remain iOS-exclusive for long.


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