Twitter messages from dozens of celebrities have fallen into unauthorized hands

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More details revealed in connection with last week's attack on Twitter, according to the community site the perpetrators had access to private messages from a total of 36 known users with a large follower base, including a Dutch representative.

last week’s attack affected a total of 130 accounts, including profiles of politicians and celebrities. Attackers were able to successfully access 45 of the 130 accounts, and they tried to extort crypto money from their followers by posting with otherwise authentic profiles. Twitter was able to close the affected accounts in a matter of hours, but by then, the attackers had collected a total of about $ 120,000 from more gullible followers. The case is still under investigation, with a good chance that the perpetrators gained access to the accounts by paying or psychologically manipulating the company's employees.

email addresses, phone numbers, and additional personal information. In addition, for “up to” eight accounts, the perpetrators have downloaded their entire data file using the “Your Twitter Data” tool – Twitter says it is possible that the information obtained may have been attempted to be sold. The company also contacted the owners of the affected accounts in person, but the company was quick to point out that the attackers did not have access to the targets' previous passwords.

During the investigation, Twitter did not provide technical details of either the attack or the attack. nor did he provide an exact list of the accounts involved in connection with the extra lines of defense and, for security reasons, although the tweets published by the perpetrators with profiles include Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden on Twitter. his accounts were also there. Twitter is investigating the matter with the FBI.


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