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San José, Sep 16 (ODI / UCR) .- The Office of Well-being and Health (OBS) of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) organizes the first 100% virtual edition of the Well-Being Congress with the participation of 15 exhibitors -11 national and four international- 2 artistic activities and 2 healthy breaks.

Between on Tuesday 6 and Friday 9 October with prior registration per day, The university community will enjoy a space of connection in topics such as: Well-being and happiness, Emotions and learning, Mental health and neuropsychology in times of COVID-19, Practices to improve our internal dialogue and Sex in pandemic.

“In the circumstances that we are living in the face of the pandemic and the University context, we seek to create an interactive space on the subject of Well-being in Mental Health.

The Congress of Well-Being has the declaration of institutional interest by the Rectory of the UCR , s According to resolution R-201-2020, with permission for the University staff to participate in the programmed activities, according to official letter R-4875-2020 ”, stated Dr. Sedalí Solís Agüero, director of the Office of Well-being and Health.

For her part, Fabiola Fernández Trejos, coordinator of the Congress for student health, indicated that this activity is aimed at the entire university community ; and at the same time, it seeks to impact the national community on the issue of Well-being in Mental Health.

“Let's join in times of change”, the slogan of the Congress, is a phrase directly linked to the world situation that we are experiencing due to the pandemic of COVID-19. In this year 2020, this framework of well-being linked to World Mental Health Day, declared on October 10 of each year, by the World Health Organization is retaken ”, he concluded.

Open registrations

The main objective of the Congress of Well-Being is to understand, link and obtain tools for the health and well-being of the participants.

During four days we will enjoy an interactive space with facilitators of experience in the subject of Well-being in Mental Health, explained Ana Yanci Zúñiga Bermúdez, coordinator of the Congress for occupational health.

The maximum quota per day is one thousand people, for this reason, prior registration is required:

Day # 1: Tuesday October 06, 2 pm
Register at the following link:
https://udecr.zoom.us/webinar/ register / WN_ 2KQm1pqzRZGDMUt40Za28w

Day # 2 Wednesday s October 7, 10:00 am
Register at the following link:
https://udecr.zoom.us/webinar/ register / WN_FPXGCHWUSC- UpeyasOQBUg

Day # 3 Thursday, October 8, 2:00 pm
Register at the following link:
https://udecr.zoom.us/webinar/ register / WN_ fmYuuzyvTY2w8PLv8TBcNg

Day # 4 Friday October 9, 10 am
Register at the following link:
https://udecr.zoom.us/webinar/ register / WN_ awPBQTQqQv28iy95tn035A

Than? Virtual Congress of Well-Being UCR 2020
When? From October 06 to 09, 2020
Where? Free and virtual.

To participate, registration is required:
https://obs.ucr.ac.cr/ prosalud / wpcontent / uploads / 2020/09 / Inscribase.pdf

OBS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/[19459016reavents/336992957353483/[19659002:)Webpage:https://obsucraccr/ prosalud / congreso-del- welfare-2020 /

Sonia Vargas Cordero: informa.obs@ucr.ac.cr

congreso.obs@ucr.ac.cr /

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