Video: Roberto Jordan shows that he is healthier and more active than ever

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Sinaloa.- If he lost his poise, joy and youth that have always characterized him, Roberto Jordán showed that he is healthier and more active than ever.

Through a video to CountingNews, Roberto Jordan asked the population should not be fooled by fakes news, especially one in which he was “confused” with an elderly person in a wheelchair, without legs, where he sings a song by Enrique Guzmán.

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“I want to tell you that recently, in recent days a video has been circulating in which an elderly person appears in poor condition, poor sir, and they say that It's me, apart from singing a song by Enrique Guzmán (laughs); The thing is that here I am at home in this pandemic taking care of myself and nothing, which are fake news, false news and here I am ready ready for when the movement begins to start doing my performances, the normal thing, I am perfectly fine (jump) garcias a God “, he said.

Finally, the author of” Student Love “,” Make me a sign “and” The girl with brown eyes “asks everyone to take care of themselves so that he can hug family and friends soon. [19659003] We suggest you: Roberto Jordán: A pioneer dedicated to Mexican rock music

“It's all I wanted to aggravate that kind of situation that people with bad milk, as we say, do this kind of thing, but hey, have a good time, take care of yourselves and hopefully we can embrace each other with our whole family, with all our friends ”, he concluded.

Roberto Jordan promised that once the pandemic is over, he will return with all his dynamism to concerts, of which Sinaloa has witnessed in a number of occasions thanks to ins cultural and educational institutions such as the UAS.


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