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Moscow, Aug 30 (Sputnik). – The World Tango Dance Championship this year for the first time is not hosted by Buenos Aires but by the virtual space, which makes possible the celebration of this important event for Argentina in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Festival and World of Tango started on August 26 and this Sunday, at 7:40 p.m. Buenos Aires (GMT-3), the champions of this edition will be announced. The categories are the same: track tango style and stage tango style. But this time the candidates do not appear on the scene, but present their videos dancing in their own home.

The jury has already chosen the ten best couples, and the participants with the most votes will become the virtual tango champions

. 19659002] As the Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro, highlighted, the Festival and Tango World Cup of this 2020 «adapts to the situation that the pandemic is going through.»

«We are committed to a different, virtual Festival, but with the same strength as those of previous years, “he stressed.

The truth is that it does not seem possible that the Tango World Cup is held in a face-to-face format.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Last Friday Argentina registered a new maximum of positive daily cases, detecting more than 10,000 infections in one day. According to data from the Ministry of Health updated on Saturday afternoon, a total of 401,239 cases of covid-19 were confirmed in Argentina, including 8,353 deaths.

On Friday the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, announced that social isolation, in force and mandatory since last March, it lasts until at least September 20.

Given the circumstances, the virtual format seems to be the only way to continue with the tradition of the World Cup, although not everyone agrees that the idea is quite a success.


Last year, in the category of track tango, the international couple of the Russian Maksim Gerasimov and the Argentine Agustina Piaggio won.

«This year we had to participate as guests but, naturally, everything is closed. We have the tickets bought by the organizers of the Championship so that we can get there, watch the World Cup final and then deliver the prizes “, Gerasimov told this agency, regretting that he cannot fulfill these plans.

In the opinion of the Russian dancer, the Virtual format of this year's edition «is strange», because «a tango dance must be seen and judged live».

«In a regular tournament you have only one chance: you go out on the floor, dance three melodies and It all depends on how you are going to do it, (…) in this World Cup they give you a melody with which you have to record a video. You have a lot of time, you can choreograph your dance with all the details, so that the jury will not have to lower your points, “he explained.

The Russian dancer expressed the certainty that” championships like the World Cup should not be held in online format “.

” As I understand it, they organize it like this just to support the World Cup, because it is a great event for Argentina, for Buenos Aires, (…) but I would not have participated and I can say that many people decided not to compete , quite a few couples participate, (…) many couples that last year got the first places do not participate this year “, he confirmed.

Gerasimov pointed out that he has seen the videos of the ten best participants, and highlighted the Argentine couple of Iara Duarte and Jesús Paez, and the Russians Julia Osina and Stanislav Becker.


The Russian dancer revealed that the pandemic has had a significant impact both for himself and for the entire world of t ango.

Thus, in March Gerasimov had to suspend his dance school that he has in Moscow,, and reopened it only at the end of last June.

“Due to the pandemic I closed the place where we had our school, now we have moved to another site. Many dance schools closed completely, some also moved like us, and this happens not only in Russia. In Argentina there are many old and eminent schools that closed simply because they had no resources, “he noted.

In addition, the covid-19 pandemic broke his partner. Gerasimov and Piaggio met thanks to their teachers three years ago and they did not stop dancing together until the arrival of the coronavirus.

“Well, I wouldn't say 'we broke up', it's because due to the coronavirus no festivals are organized, I think only they will resume next year if everything is going to be okay. It is no longer convenient for us to dance at the World Cup, because we won one. We planned to work in the festivals, but because they are not celebrated, for now we have decided to go separately “, he clarified.

The Russian dancer said that he continues to have” excellent relations “with Piaggio, and if they are invited to a festival , «We will surely respond and dance together», but for the moment they have made the decision to remain «in a free relationship».

«Everything is fine, we have not fought, we have only separated due to the coronavirus», he said. 19659002] Gerasimov added that he cannot afford to leave Moscow for a multi-month tour because he has a young daughter and his school.

“So for us, for our partner at the present time it is a correct decision,” he stressed .

But the Russian dancer does not plan to give up tango.

«Now I am very busy with school, but anyway I have plans to continue dancing and developing. I'm no longer going to participate in the World Cups, but I do want to work in festivals, both with Agustina and with other couples, (…) I want to put on a tango show in Moscow, I want to popularize Argentine tango in Russia ”, he said. (Sputnik)


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