Wasted glamor! These were the expensive dresses that ‘La Gaviota’ wore in the Grito de Independencia

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Mexico .- Angélica Rivera was one of the women who most captured the spotlight when she played her 'role' as First Lady of Mexico in the six-year term in the than her ex-husband, Enrique Peña Nieto . The actress also drew attention during the six years of government thanks to the clothes she wore, in addition to her appearance, in each public event in which she accompanied the ex-president.

La Gaviota went to giving the traditional Grito de Independencia with her husband on six occasions, in which she drew attention for the dresses that she used for the ceremony; designer garments and whose cost was high.

These are the dresses worn by the former first lady at the ceremonies on September 15 and the cost they had. [19659004] 2013

September 15, 2013 was the date on which Enrique Peña Nieto gave the “Scream” for the first time from the main balcony of National Palace. The then First Lady wore a dress by the Jalisco designer Benito Santos . The garment was green, made of lace and with transparencies on the arms. The cost of it was 120 thousand Mexican pesos .


The following year Angélica Rivera used for the occasion a suit by the renowned Dominican designer Óscar de the Rent ; It was a dress fuchsia mermaid cut, with a navy blue bodice and skirt. The cost of the garment reached 80 thousand pesos.


For the third ceremony of the “Scream”, the actress wore a dress by the Mexican designer Alejandro Carlín . The garment was ivory empire cut with a crossover top with a mid-shoulder neckline, in satin. The price of dress was around 80 thousand pesos.


On this occasion Angélica Rivera repeated a dress that she had already used in recent days, after the visit of the kings of Spain to Mexico. It was a dress by designer Benito Santos, made of navy blue lace with rhinestones with a price of 40 thousand pesos approximately .


After the earthquake that days before, September 7, had shaken the south and center of the country, the First Lady chose to wear a Suit in black, as a message of mourning for the victims and those affected by the incident. Angélica Rivera wore a suit by Mexican designer Kris Goyri, with embroidered flowers on the neckline and with a price of 28 thousand pesos.

In 2018 [19659015] In the last “Grito”, Angélica Rivera wore a dress by the Mexican designer Alejandro Carlín . The garment was a red dress with wide skirt with a neckline tied at the front, the price reached 42 thousand pesos . The designer himself thanked, via Instagram, that the First Lady had accepted this gift.

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